The History of Three Influential Designer Handbag Makers

Today, the fashion world is overflowing with luxurious designer handbag brands.While we continue to see this rush of new designers, we do see that there is a small group of aged fashion houses that have remained throughout the years.

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The History of the Handbag

In the 21st century, designer handbags are all the rage. They are a coveted icon worn by celebrities and people of wealth. But how did they become so popular?

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Popular Handbag Types - From Satchels to Hobos

Satchels, hobos, barrels. Do you ever find yourself confused with all of the types of handbags? Stress no more, fashionistas, because we have the 411 for your fashion dilemma!

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Gucci Heritage Clutch - My New Favorite Bag

This might be the cutest Gucci bags I have seen in a while!

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